Group Lessons

Beginner Ballroom and Latin Dance
Tuesdays: 7 to 9 pm
Enjoy learning the beginning steps to eight different dances. This class is for persons who are brand new to ballroom and Latin dance, and will help you learn the basic steps, rhythm and timing for eight dances.  Questions? Please give us a call: 610-701-0600.  Please join us for a fun time of learning to dance.  No partner needed – all welcome!  If you are new, wear shoes that will slide on a wood floor.  (What NOT to wear: Sneakers, sandals, or platform shoes!)   Please do not wear perfume or cologne to lessons or dance parties.   $18/person at the door.

Intermediate Level 1
Mondays: 7 pm to 9 pm
This class is for people who have successfully completed at least two sessions of the Beginner class, and can keep the basic steps, rhythm, and timing of the eight dances we teach in the Beginner level. Feel great about your dancing, and progress to the best of your ability. Learn movements and styling that will spice up your dancing!  Mondays weekly, 7 pm to 9 pm. (Two classes in which you will enjoy two different dances – most likely a smooth and a rhythm dance.)  $18 per person for both lessons.

Intermediate Level 2
Wednesdays: 7 pm to 9 pm
This class is for persons who are not beginners, who have taken dance instruction and understand timing, weight change, and rhythm for at least eight of the Smooth and Rhythm dances,  are in the mid-stages of Intermediate level, and desire to further their dance knowledge and development.   No partner necessary.  $18 for both lessons at the door.

walt and lorette 2Advanced
Thursdays: 7 pm to 9 pm   
This class is ONLY by invitation to CURRENT students/members (no exceptions.)  Advanced Class is for persons with significant understanding of the twenty-eight elements of dance, etc.  $18 for both lessons at the door.  

If you have questions about which group class you should attend, please call us: 610-701-0600.
Private lessons are a great way for new persons to jump into dancing with both feet!  Please call to schedule: 610-701-0600.


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